Mad Men Premere


I need to recap the premiere of Mad Men so that I can release it from my brain, and stop obsessing over it. When I shake my head, I’m hearing the rattling of ice and Bourbon. A year was long enough for me to realize just how amazing and important this show is. I think maybe I began taking it for granted because we had it consecutively for so long, I almost stopped appreciating it. The amazing writing, and the depth of these characters has me so insanely invested. I was pleasantly surprised to see them take a more comedic, and light approach to the first episode. I was not so happy, however, to see that Betty wasn’t gonna be making an appearance.  January had to go and get sperminated, kids ruin everything don’t they? Here are mu thoughts..

  • Firstly, I need to address Pete and Roger’s relationship. Needless to say…I’m obsessed. I love the banter, quick-witted remarks, and raised eyebrows. I’m gonna love watching this play out. In my opinion, Pete’s hate for Roger comes from the fact that he’s everything Pete’s always wanted to be. He’s rich, successful, and appears to have it all without actually trying. Pete on the other hand has to bust his ass, and still doesn’t get acknowledged for anything.
  • We now need to discuss Joan. Where do I even begin? I may have missed big red more than anyone else on the show. Okay that’s a lie, I can’t gauge that…but I really missed her a lot! I wont lie about the fact that I was sad to see Joan depressed and schlepping around in the first half of the show. Thats not the Joan we like to see. We want to see our Joan pushing her mail cart through a hallway, with her hips swaying back and forth. The second half of the episode didn’t disappoint tho. Joan painted on a pink floral dress, and threw on some lace gloves. I loved the dynamic of Joan and her Mother, I hope she sticks around. Their banter showed us just how liberated and self-assured Joan has become throughout motherhood. I also think that being away from work has given Joan an entirely new appreciation for her job, and working.
  • I have a lot of interest in Peggy and Stan’s relationship. The fact that these two hated each other, and were forced to work together is hilarious to me. They are the quintessential odd couple that works perfectly together. I think that this will be a big year for Stan.
  • The moment in the premiere that stood out the most for me was the “baby holding” sequence. when Joan handed the baby to Peggy, and she was forced to hold it as Peter walked in and stood next to her. It was awkward, heartbreaking, and hilarious all in the same moment. The biggest skeleton of Peggy’s life was being shoved in her face big time. I was taken aback by how cold Roger was to Joan and the baby when he came over to say hello, yet another horribly awkward and hilarious moment. I would say “you can’t write stuff like this” but apparently you can, if you’re a genius.
  • What would a Man Men season 5 premier recap be without a little “zou bisou bisou”. Megan stole the show last night. Anyone who was able to watch that episode and not be singing this song all day today has secret powers. Her relationship with Don is fun to watch. unlike betty, Megan is fiery and combative with don. Its fun watching her passive aggressively fight with him.

I could go on for hours, I need to stop myself. I’m more than excited to see how this season plays out, and I cant wait to see betty! Thank you mad men for fueling my smoking addiction and love of gin.


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