Well folks its Monday, March 26th, and that means Madonna’s twelfth album MDNA is finally available for download on itunes. I just listened for the first time the entire way through without stopping, and my head is literally spilling with thoughts. Here is my review of the album.

  • Girl Gone Wild – I wasn’t crazy about this song the first time i heard it. It took me listening to it for a week or so to really grasp the amazingness. Its produced by Benny Benassi, and Madonna herself. Benny worked with Madonna on Celebration, and this song definitely puts me in the same mindset. Its upbeat, dancy, and has a talking intro. ill take it.
  • Gang Bang – Undeniably the best song on this album in my opinion. I’m guessing Madonna wrote this soon after her divorce from Guy Richie? Its an angry “f*** you” song about a past relationship. She mentions wanting to see the guy when she gets to hell, and kill him all over again by shooting him in the head. Just a hunch. Its also co-produced by Mika, which is unexpected and awesome. It puts me in the mind of 90’s “Human Nature” Madonna, and that is never, ever, ever a bad thing.
  • I’m Addicted – Yet another great dance song. It immediately puts me in the mind set of “Jump”, and the “Confessions On a Dance Floor” era. I don’t love or hate this song, its a bit of an album filler for me. I don’t see myself specifically scrolling through my ipod to find this track any time soon, but ask me again in a week.
  • Turn Up The Radio – This song is 80’s Madonna amped up. Its fun, light, and the melody is extremely catchy. You could say that this the 2012 version of “Holiday”.
  • Give Me All Your Luvin – By now we’ve all heard this song. This was another track that took a second to grow on me. Now i have a hard time going through an entire day without at least humming it. I like this song, but I’m not sure if it was the best choice for a first single. It doesn’t give a true representation for what the actual album has to offer.
  • Some Girls – Right now this is my least favorite song on the album. Not so much that I need to turn away from it, but I do forget that its playing. It almost seems like an afterthought. I can see myself growing to like it, but I don’t see love or “add to favorites” in our future.
  • Superstar – This was the most anticipated song on the album for me. It’s a continuation of a song on the “Ray Of Light” album called “Little Star” about Madonna’s daughter Lourdes (who sings background). This song rates extremely high for me, second to “Gang Bang“. This song, like most on MDNA, is 80’s inspired. I could listen to this one over and over.
  • I Don’t Give A – This track represents what Madonna tried to do with the song “American Life”, except this time it actually works. It was produced by, and features Nicki Minaj throughout. It’s about being okay in life after divorce. Behind its catchy beat, this could be the most candid song on the album with lyrics like “You were so mad at me. Didn’t have custody. Lawyers can suck it up. Didn’t have a pre-nup”.
  • I’m a Sinner – This song reminds me a LOT of “Beautiful Stranger”, oddly enough. its got a mid 90’s/60’s psychedelic feel. When I hear it, I immediately see her licking Austin Powers’ face again.
  • Love Spent – Another really candid song about Guy, and her feelings of worthlessness in her marriage. She sings about wanting Guy to spend his love on her, instead of the material things. Its got a definite Indian vibe, which again makes me think of “Ray of Light”. I could see myself becoming obsessed with this song to the point of sickness.
  • Masterpiece – This track was written for Madonna’s movie “W.E.”, and it actually won her a Golden Globe. It represents my favorite aspect of Madonna. The amazing witting, and story telling. It’s very similar to “The Power of Goodbye” in the sense that its more about the lyrics than anything.
  • Falling Free – The last song on MDNA, and it reminds me so much of “Live to Tell”. It’s a nice way to end the album, on a slower note. It makes it feel more complete, like a story was told. It’s a very relaxed, and amazingly written song.


  • Beautiful Killer – I’m not sure as to why this track wasn’t included in the regular album. I can think of one or two songs that it could replace perfectly. It has a “Die Another Day” feel, but a lot less aggressive. Its catchy and really easy to listen too.
  • I Fucked Up – This is yet another song written to Guy, except this time shes apologetic instead of pissed off. “I Fucked Up” is an “I’m sorry” for being so cold and hard-headed while they were together. I really love this song.
  • B-Day Song – This song almost seems like it was written specifically to be a bonus track. It features M.I.A. Besides that I really have nothing to say about it.
  • Best Friend – This song reminds me a lot of the “Hard Candy” album. I’m truly shocked that Timbaland and Justin Timberlake had no part in this. It’s about all the good times she misses with Guy, and all the things they would’ve accomplished if they had made it. She also sings about how every man she’s ever with will be compared to him.

All in all, I would give this album a solid B. This isn’t the album I wanted from Madonna, but ill most certainly take it. We’re all aware that she can pull out an amazing dance track, which is what this album continues to prove. I, however miss seeing Madonna sitting on a bar stool and strumming a guitar to a song about her mother. its been so long since we’ve seen that side of her. Either way, I’m excited to get to know, and fall in love with yet another album from my dear old Madge.


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