Mad Men Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 has proven itself to be my favorite so far of the season. The first 3 parts seemed to be more comedy driven, whereas this one had more of a dark approach. I figure we can start off light, and cover Don’s sweaty murder dream more towards the end.



We get to see a lot of Sally in this episode, which I love. It’s insane to see how much Sally has grown in Imageheight, and in character since the beginning of the show. Her demise for her stone cold, hard to read mother is as strong as it’s ever been. It always makes me sad to see Sally beg Don to come and rescue her. As most little girls do, she still sees him as her knight. I found her forced interactions with her grandmother to be the most interesting of the episode. Neither Sally or her grandmother have any real emotional attachment to each other. It’s been made very clear that they don’t care for, or understand one another in the slightest. They did find some time to bond in the middle of the night over a drug cocktail. I have my fingers crossed for a Sally dream sequence next week. Where we get to see her in a therapy session, talking about how her grandmother drugged her, and told her a scary story about her father kicking her.

ImagePeggy’s storyline had a lot of highs and lows this week. Interracial bonding, female empowerment, and a drunken binge all in one episode…she really can do it all. I got so much enjoyment out of watching Peggy make Roger squirm that it gave me a tooth ache. If he didn’t appreciate her work before, he should now that he’s 400 dollars poorer. The obvious highlight of episode 4 was Peggy, and secretary Don’s jungle fever moment. It’s always nice to see the vulnerable side of Peggy. We don’t get to see it very often because she bottles it up at work. God forbid the men at work are reminded every now and then that Peggy is in fact, a woman. We’ve seen Peggy work so had to get when she is, but what we haven’t seen is her question what she’s given up to get there. It’s hardly ever that she gets to embrace her feminine side. The most womanly thing she’s ever done is get pregnant, and she did away with it immediately. I guess it’s inevitable that she would eventually question if “having it all” it’s actually having it all. On top of it, there are no other women like her in the office. You can tell that she questions herself, especially in moments like when she asked Don if she wanted to be an executive. Her immediate answer was “No, I like being a secretary” without any hesitation. She’ll have some awesome stories to tell her grandchildren.

Things have been shaky for Joan since last season when she started getting serious with her jekyll and Imagehyde, baby daddy, Greg. What should’ve been a joyous return home for the Vietnam vet quickly turned ugly, as most things do with Joan and Greg. The only person who really saw any genuine potential for this couple was Greg himself. Joan has known the whole time that Greg was a “bad man”, as she put it. His mother broke the news to her that he volunteered to go back to Vietnam over dinner, and a piercing accordion. I think we all let out a simultaneous sigh of relief when she finally decided to end thing with him in the end. Joan’s balls grew back in a big way before our eyes, as she reminded him of the night he raped her. Greg’s volunteering was just what we needed to get our Red back. Hopefully she will get back in the office soon.

ImageWe got to see just how brilliant, and creative Michael actually is this week. Apparently there is more to him than an annoying accent and an oddly paired suit. He wowed the executives with his dark interpretation of Cinderella, and officially made his first wave in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce pool. I’m sure one day Don will respect him, but there is a hazing process that everyone must go through at first with this group. I can totally see him with his own office there one day, with plaid couches and polka dot carpets.

I decided to leave Don’s insane dream for last, because its taken me this long to process it. If the aim of the producers is to get my head to explode, then they are on the right track. We see yet another tense moment between Megan and Don when he runs into one of the home-wreckers that he slept with while married to Betty. I’ve forgotten to take into account the fact that Don hasn’t actually cheated on Megan yet, but the season is young. Okay, we’ve held out long enough…lets get to this dream. I’m not sure if it was brought on by fever, guilty conscience, or a mixture of both. Either way I was equally as creeped out. Mad Men dream sequences are never as vivid as this one. I’m assuming they made this one a little more intense to show us just how plagued Don is by his thoughts. Both he and Megan have become so disingenuous in this relationship that it’s literally eating away at him. The marriage is in no way organic, or natural to either of them. They also walk on egg shells around each other because hurting one another is the last thing either of them want to do. Don’s murder/sex dream is just another gem in his box of creepy secrets.

Mad Men is moving to fast, I don’t like that I’m already reviewing that 4th instalment of the season. I need one of Sally’s Grandmothers sleeping pills to slow things down.


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