Mad Men Episode 6 Recap

So this will be my 6th time claiming for an episode from this season to be my favorite. I can’t help it! It’s just when I think that these writers can’t top themselves, they pull out yet another groundbreaking episode. Every TV show has It’s Seinfeld “bizarro world” episode, where everything seems to be completely upside down, and I’m putting this one in that category. Everything about episode 6 was unconventional, including the behavior of each character. I also loved that the story was presented in more of a Pulp Fiction style, almost being told backwards.

ImageEpisode 6 starts off with an immediate look into Peggy’s spiral into insanity. Peggy is having a pre-Britney, “Britney” moment. With the ridiculous amount of work Don is throwing on her, and her inability to figure out how to be a young woman, she’s starting to breakdown. She screws up in the meeting with the annoying Heinz executive, and gets let go from the project she’s worked so hard on. She does find the time to smoke some weed, and give a hand-job to a stranger in a movie theater. We all have our methods of staying youthful. Peggy’s quarter-life crisis is forcing her to take a deeper look at herself. She’s identified as just a copywriter for so long that she feels lost when she tries to identify as anything else. It’s fun watching her be sporadic, and more carefree. Everybody sees this show differently (which is the genius of the amazing writing) but I’ve always seen Peggy as the anchor. In my opinion, we’re on this journey with her.

Next we see Roger and his mail order bride Jane in the elevator, on their way up to her psychiatrist’s apartment for a dinner party. Roger makes it apparent that he doesn’t want to be there, but will because it’s important to her. I can’t imagine anyone taking this relationship seriously, including Roger and Jane. These two literally couldn’t be anymore opposite. After a stuffy psychiatrist dinner debate on whether the truth is “real” or not, Jane informs Roger of the LSD he promised to take with the group. Don’t you just love when the boring dinner party your forced to attend turns into an LCD focus group? Roger’s LSD trip was another extremely unconventional approach from the writers. We didn’t just watch Roger react to the drug like we normally would, we were actually there with him. We got to be in his self-conscious for a bit. No surprise that this entire sequence was hilarious, sarcastic, and heartfelt just like Roger.  I loved him and Jane lying on the carpet, having their drug induced, mutual breakup.

Lastly, we get to watch some more unraveling of Don and Megan’s marriage. Don decides to take Megan on the business trip that Roger proposes he and Don go on, and its doomed from the start. Don can’t seem to grasp the fact that Megan And Betty are two completely different people. Megan isn’t submissive, and she doesn’t like being posed and molded like a Barbie. She prides herself on making her own choices and divisions. The only problem is that Don does too. The power struggle between these two has reached such a boiling point that it’s almost become childish. Like when Don forces her to order sorbet instead of pie. She of course pretends not to like it, and he of course gets mad. She then shovels it in her mouth, and all over her face to prove the point that she will literally stop at nothing to get the last word. We’ve all learned that the last word with Don should never include anything involving his real family, big mistake Megan. That’s the problem with passive aggression, the end result is never what you’d hoped it would be. Don storms off in a rage, leaving Megan at the restaurant by herself. When he comes back to find her, she’s gone. While looking for her, he has a delusion of he Megan and Sally driving to their “new house”.

It almost seems like the daydream was what he though their marriage would be. He finally comes home and finds her pouting in the house like a child. He then chases her around from room to room like a father would his rebellious teenage daughter. This relationship is officially getting weirder and weirder. They of course go to work like nothing happened, and smile at each other like he didn’t just almost kill her.

When he returns back to work, Cooper helps to snap him back into reality. He informs Don of how irresponsible it was to leave the entire business up to Peggy, who blatantly isn’t ready for that type of responsibility. Cooper refers to her as a “little girl” which I’m sure she wouldn’t have appreciated. We then see “high on life” Roger tap dance into the conference room and announce his new-found lease on life.

Mad Men, you never cease to amaze me!




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