Crushed Strawberry Pancakes

Is there anything better than eating breakfast for dinner? It reminds me of being young, and thinking you were doing something naughty by eating pancakes past 2 in the afternoon. I felt like being naughty today, and I found this strawberry pancake recipe online. To me pancakes are like a blank canvas, waiting to be turned into something exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love a traditional pancake as much the next guy. I just figure, why not jazz it up if you have the means.

The recipe called for the strawberries to be pureed, but I wanted a little bite in the cake. I snipped the stems off and smashed them for a few minutes with a fork. I then mixed them with my favorite traditional pancake recipe. You can basically use whatever mix you’d like.

I also stirred in a little cinnamon to give it even more of a kick.


I paired the cakes with a maple sausage, and heated up some maple syrup. If only we weren’t out of milk!


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