Big Brother Update: Fruit Loops and House Meetings

ImageThe first week of Big Brother 14 is showing itself to be, dare I say, the most insane first week in the history of the show. Huge fights have broken out and claims of homophobic slurs are being thrown around. Shit hit the fan and went splat all over the place.

The wrath of hillbilly Willie has completely run through the Big Brother house. Choosing Willie for her team is the biggest mistake Britney will make in this game. In a nutshell, Willie forced a village meeting on the house, and excluded the coaches. The idea of the meeting was to inform the players that they are in fact playing an individual game, and to not be bullied by the coaches. The contradictory thing is that he used bullying tactics to get the house guests to see things his way. Remember, Wil is the token gay and Willie is the token hillbilly. This gets confusing. During the meeting, Wil made a comment that he didn’t want to talk game for a minimum of 24 hours. Later on Willie made fun of what he said to Frank, and by mocking his voice Frank assumed he was being homophobic ( I’m just as confused as you are). 

Frank told everyone in the house that Willie was a homophobe, and thats when hell broke loose. Willie confronted him in front of the entire house, and exposed their alliance. Again, this did nothing but hurt both Willie and Britney’s game. Poor Brit is starting to look like one of those women you see at the grocery store who can’t control her child. The entire house is now against Willie and because of that people are steering clear of Brit. Janelle moved all of her stuff and hasn’t spoken to Britney since the fight happened.

Kara ended up being evicted, which was a surprise to literally everyone in the house. I don’t think an eviction has ever been more of a toss up, down to the last second. 

Later on, the house guests were shown being woken up in the middle of the night by a series of video messages on the TV. An overweight cat burglar was let loose in the Big Brother house, and did maniacal things like drink from the milk carton. They had to memorize everything he did, and the HOH competition was based around it. In an extreme twist of fate Frank ended up winning the competition, how ironic ( don’t you think??). Willie should now be shaking in his boots. 

Live Feed and After Dark:

  • Nobody in the house will talk to Britney, and she seems to be completely alone alliance wise. 
  • Janelle has chosen to side with Dan and Boogie (because that worked out so well in the past)
  • There was a huge house fight,  and Willie ended up threatening Janelle. He was either forced to go home, or left on his own. We will find out tonight.

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