Big Brother Update: Bye Bye Hillbilly Willie

ImageIn Willie’s Big Brother introduction video, he stated that he wanted to get in the house and really “shake things up”. I’m not sure he knew just how much he would actually shake up the house, and in the worst way possible. Willie is leaving the Big Brother house as a bully, bigot, and a sexist hick. He also left behind a bottle of axe body spray, which I personally find to be disrespectful and extremely rude.

Janelle won the coaches competition, and ended up choosing Britney’s team as the have nots (surprise). This apparently set Willie over the edge. He stormed around the house, claiming that he would not make it until Thursday on slop. He also told Brintey that he didn’t want to go out of the house with dignity or class. What is the deal with this guy? Joe walked past Willie, called him a pussy, and that’s when hell broke loose. Willie ran up to him and apparently head butted him. He then threw a pork rind in Janelle’s face, and was immediately called into the DR. It was clear from the beginning that he was nothing but a poison in Britney’s team, but that moment made it seriously official.

The house guests were called into the living room and were told by production that WIllie would officially be leaving the house for good. This is great for everyone in the house, but terrible for Britney. JoJo is on the block, and going home this week, and if Shane doesn’t win the HOH he’s going home too.

Live Feed and After Dark:

  • Last night Ashley walked into the bathroom and simply stated that she was sad because she missed Kara. She also brought up that Kara told her that Ian and Frank had a final two deal. This sparked and unbelievable about of fear in Jenn. Jenn went and told the entire house that Ashley was crying for Kara, and that she couldn’t be trusted. Frank, Janelle, Wil, and Ian confronted Ashley upstairs about it, and basically attacked her.
  • Ashley went downstairs and talked to Britney, Shane, and JoJo about how fed up she is with her alliance.

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