Big Brother Update: Bye Bye Jo Jo

ImageAs stated by Britney, tonight’s episode of BB is what this show is all about. The house has completely turned in power. The people who felt totally comfortable last week are literally shaking in their boots.

It is now a proven fact that Shane is nothing less than an absolute beast. He won the POV to take himself off the block last week, and tonight he won the HOH! If all it takes for Shane to go far in this game is to be stabbed in the back, than he’ll go far! Shane had a ton of animosity against Janelle last week, and now that he’s in power, I think she should be very afraid.

That’s not even the most exciting thing going on right now. We learned tonight that the coaches will more than likely be voted into the game. It’s up too America, and I don’t see them voting for them not too. Even if they do, CBS will more than likely take it upon themselves to put them in anyway, Florida recount style. This is the best thing that could possibly happen for someone like Dan. He only has one player in the game, and it would make sense for her to go up on the block.


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