Who will be the next…great host of a reality competition show?

We, as Americans, have a big decision to make in the next few days. It’s a decade long question that we have been asking ourselves for so long that it almost seems natural to wonder. Some of us have known the answer for years. Some of us have drifted back and forth over time. Some have not been forced to care until now, and I feel sorry for those lost souls. Come September 12th we’ll all be asking ourselves the same exact question…Britney or Christina? I look back at the late 90’s and pity myself, and anyone else under the age of 17. The Britney VS. Christina era was a tough one to live through. I made the decision at a young age to run with Britney, and I haven’t stopped to take a breath since then. Through thick and thin, from 1998 to 2012, I’ve teetered on obsessive compulsive. Let’s just say that the most time we’ll ever spend together will be in court for my future restraining order. I’m one of those “I want to know what your hair smells like” fans. It’s needless to say that my decision has been made for months (technically years). It will, however, be interesting to see how the rest of the country weighs in.


The Voice:


A solid contender, with a devoted fan-base. The great thing about the voice is that it’s already proven itself to be a concept that works. The judges get along, and bicker just enough to make them feel like a pseudo family. And if that isn’t enough, Cee Lo brings his cat to judging with him. The only problem is that The Voice is the only talent competition show not shaking up their concept this season. It’s what we’ve seen a million times from them, so the incentive to watch isn’t as strong. Also, Christina is usually judged negatively for her presence on The Voice. Whether it’s her not so flattering appearance, rumors of her not getting along with the judges, or treating contestants poorly. Her career also seems to be at a sort of stand still. Her last studio album “Bionic” was received poorly, not only in the U.S., but in the U.K. as well. We only got to hear two singles from the album. The second was so unsuccessful that a third was scrapped and plans for a tour were shelved. A rumored upcoming demo was leaked a few weeks ago, and the song was actually pretty great. Christina was also photographed filming the music video for the upcoming single. Maybe this season will help turn xtina’s career in a more positive direction.

The X Factor


Where do I even begin? The X Factor didn’t get off to as hot of a start as Simon Cowell thought it would. He was quoted last year saying that the show would be the highest rated of the season. The first U.S. season did extremely well, but not by the ridiculously high set standards of Mr. Cowell. They decided to shake up the judging panel a bit, and by a bit I mean a whole lot. Paula Abdul got the boot and Nicole Scherzinger was sent overseas to judge the U.K. version of the show. Demi Lovato and Britney Spears were added to the judging panel with the intention that Simon would achieve what he initially wanted last year. The ratings for the upcoming season premiere are going to be absolutely mind-boggling. The big, bright, glittery, pink elephant in the room is going to be Britney’s presence on the show. This is the most exposed Britney will be to the public since her “recovery” in 2009. She’s been on an extremely short leash since her father took control as her sol conservator. Generally, people seem to root for Britney no matter what she does. We’re all hoping to see a glimpse of her former bubbly, full of life self. My personal theory is that the drug cocktail used to keep Britney “in order” seems to sedate her a bit. I also think nerves and anxiety play a big role. I’ve given it to god, and all I can do is pray that she’ll do okay. I’ll also be waiting in her bathroom shower to congratulate her, no matter how well she does.

The one thing I do know for sure is that I’ll have to read about what happened on The Voice the following day, because I wont be watching.


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