Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Lots of people consider the Oscars to be a “boring” award show, and I tell those people to speak for themselves. I’ve pretty much always loved award season. My childhood consisted of my grandmother and mother sneaking me into the movies that were nominated that year, and that I was probably way to young to see. Award season was like a continuous Superbowl that lasted for months and months. During the Oscars I would plant myself in front of the TV for the entire 3 hours, feeling like I had actually gotten to know these people, and not much has changed. It’s sad to think Meryl Streep has absolutely no idea that she played such a strong roll in raising me.

Aside from the movies themselves, everyone knows that the red carpet is at least 80% of the reason to watch. You can’t help but to get excited when you know your about to see Helena Bonham Carter in one of her crazy Vivienne Westwood gowns. I even look forward to seeing Jennifer Aniston, boring hair and all. These are the looks that we’ll be hearing about for the next few weeks from last night.

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photos courtesy of Oscars.com


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