It’s a Brad Brad World Ep: 1

Brad Goreski’s Brad Brad world is a much different place than it was last season. Brad has gone from Rachel Zoe’s BFF/assistant to Rachel’s number one enemy in the fashion world. He started off by styling celebrities out of a cardboard box in his garage to a spacious office in the city with a rolodex featuring Demi Moore’s contact information. And all this while wearing studded Christian Louboutin sneakers and a bow tie.

Brad Goreski possesses a sort of “he’s just like us” quality that makes you want to see him succeed not matter what he does. He’s come a long way in the short time we’ve known him. He went from shy Canadian boy who would turn red around celebrities, to friend and stylist of Christina Ricci and Jessica Alba almost overnight. It seems like just yesterday Brad was crying on Rachel’s shoulder every 15 minutes over minuscule things like the steamer not getting hot enough. He is now a celebrity in his own right and runs a successfully business doing what he loves. The crying hasen’t changed much, Brad does love a good sob here and there. But wouldn’t you if Rashida Jones had your number in her cellphone?

Things are still as we’d like them to be with Brad and his long time boyfriend Gary Janetti. Gary has surprisingly become just as desired by fans as Brad, and in some cases even more. The show wouldn’t be half of what it is without his witty little quips and overly analytical attitude. An entire episode focused on Gary choosing which hors d’oeuvres to serve at a dinner party seems boring in theory, but with this couple it’s anything but that. If you don’t follow Gary on twitter, do yourself a favor. It’s everything you see on the show but without the bleeps in place of his constant profanity.

We learn that Brad has been offered the opportunity to style Kate Spade’s entire 2013 New York presentation, with every detail being left up to him. From the cuff of the pants down to the tint and shade of the fingernail polish, Brad is in charge. His transition from token gay assistant to bonafide celebrity stylist almost appeared to happen seamlessly. It’s only been a few years since Brad became a household name, but his look has become extremely recognizable and synonymous with his personality. You know exactly what your getting when you ask Brad Goreski to style you. Mixed prints and bold pops of color. And if your a guy, you better like bow ties.

Brad was also asked to style Minka Kelly for the Monique Lhuillier show. The endearing thing about Brad is that no matter how famous he becomes, he’ll always be the guy that will run in the drugstore to get you shoe pads when your Louboutins don’t fit. Right off the bat his clients want to be his friend and associate.
With his growing contact list and extensive wardrobe, Brad is slowly but surly becoming one of the most sought after stylists and friends in the business. His world seems to have never looked better.

It’s a Brad Brad World airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Bravo.


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