The Rachel Zoe Project Ep: 1


Wednesday night is officially shutting it down because Rachel Zoe has returned to Bravo and it is absolutely ba-na-nas. That was the best Rachel impression I’ve ever done, you’re welcome.

Rachel is wearing a whole new skin this season, and she wears it as well as she does a Chanel tweed. She’s sporting  multiple hats, and seems surprisingly comfortable while doing it. No longer is she just one of the most recognizable stylists in the world. She’s now a designer and mother as well.

In this episode we get a behind the scenes look at what went into styling Rachel’s first runway show, and the extreme amount of pressure she was under to deliver. Rachel describes her line as “tomboy cool, effortless, and not girly”. She was heavily inspired by Jane Birkin and wanted to design something wearable for real women.
It was only a matter of time before Rachel would design her own clothing line, it makes prefect sense. Girls have been dressing like Rachel Zoe for the past few years without even realizing it. The great thing about Rachel’s line is that she designs for herself. Every look from her collection reminds you of no other person in the world. You can tell that it’s truly something she believes in, and has worked extremely hard on. I could just hear the little Rachel drone models marching out and repeating “I…die…I…die…I…die”.

Rachel is constantly switching between anxiety riddled, first time designer and world rachrenowned stylist. The pressure for her to do well is a little more prominent that it would be for just any first timer. Rachel already plays such a huge roll in the fashion world. It’s expected from everyone who knows her that her line would roll out smoothly. In the middle of setting up her own show she must leave to attend Marchesa because she’s still responsible for choosing at least 5 different Oscar gowns for clients. And did I mention she has a baby?

Even more exciting than getting to see Rachel’s line is the introduction of baby Skyler. Rachel couldn’t have said it better when she stated that being a mother makes her a better person. Everything she does seems more carefree and “go with the flow”. She even gave herself bangs 15 minutes before the Oscar De La Renta show. Anyone who watches The Rachel Zoe Project knows that her hair is her security blanket. The fact that she let her employee cut it with fabric scissors minutes before she gets her picture taken says a lot about where she is in her life. Rachel has never looked better or seemed happier


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