It’s A Brad Brad World: Episode 2

ImageRight off the bat, we learn that Brad’s world is becoming more and more packed with A-list responsibility. In addition to his handful of sought after clients, he’s added yet another beautiful woman to his contact list. 

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova asked Brad for his styling expertise for a Diesel event she was being photographed at. Petra is basically every mans dream, gay and straight. She’s tall, blonde, beautiful, has amazing taste and a huge personality. As expected, she immediately hit it off with Brad. Within seconds he had already picked up on Petra’s style, which is what makes him a great stylist. After all, he did learn from the best. They settled on wax finished denim, a vintage tee and a Members Only style jacket. She went from a floor length, peach princess gown to a head to toe menswear look. That’s pretty much Petra in a nutshell.

Petra enjoyed Brad so much that she immediately asked him to style her again days later, this time for an Elton John charity event. He put her in a black, form fitting Alaia gown. Am I the only child of the 90’s who immediately thinks of Clueless when I hear this designers name? It’s safe to say that Petra wont be seeing any other stylists anytime soon. She even mentions wanting to bring hims around with her everyday. I could think of worst things to do.

In between having an awesome boyfriend and styling supermodels, things occasionally get serious in Brad’s life. He had to scold one of his employees for sleeping through his alarm and leaving a client waiting without any clothes. Talk about dropping the ball. This was all to reminiscent of his life in 2009, except he was typically the one in the hot seat.

I have a feeling Brad’s client list will continue to grow and grow as the season progresses.

It’s a Brad Brad World airs Wednesdays at 10 on Bravo.


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