The Rachel Zoe Project: Episode 2


Episode 2 begins with Rachel and Roger looking over the reviews for Rachel’s show during NY fashion week. The critics seemed to love her designs, and actually understood her inspiration. Life and Style called the line a “flawless combination of Birkin androgynous cool” which is exactly what she was going for. As always, Rodger’s brain leads him straight to the practicality of it all. His immediate response was how much they would make in sales. Roger and Rachel are such a right brain, left brain pairing that they come together in perfect harmony, especially when it comes to business.

After reading the reviews Rachel meets with a room full of buyers from Nordstrom to talk about options for their store. They responded positively as well, calling it “very Rachel”. She drops in on the meeting, gives her two cents and leaves early. Her fear being that her presence would sway the buyers in a direction different than if she weren’t there.

Next we find that Rachel has decided to spread her wings even further than just the fashion industry. She and Roger are planning on opening a high end salon in LA called Dreamdry. At this point the salon is nothing more than a few white walls and a couple of tipped over paint cans. their business partner, Robin, is responsible for keeping an eye on the development of the structure. In typical Roger fashion, he nails her about the time and how much it’s costing them. Roger sort of serves as Rachel’s muscle. She brings him places and he swings his bat at anyone who would dare take advantage of her.

Rachel can officially be classified as a CEO at this point in her career. She now has 32 employees, a 15,000 square foot office space, 5 divisions and a partridge in a pear tree. She is taking on corporate America, one Chanel ankle boot step at a time. She gives a whole new meaning to the term “working woman”. Her office serves as a creative, yet stressful home away from home for her family. Skyler even calls her assistants his “aunties”. Rachel Zoe Inc. is to Skyler as grandma’s house is to most children. There are no rules, infinite hiding places and lots of women waiting their turn to pinch his cheeks. Talk about the good life. He even seems to have picked out a particular style of clothing rack to try and tip over.

Rachel learns later in the episode that her assistants are having a hard time convincing buyers to get on board with the maxi length dresses in her line. The boutiques loves them but the big corporate brands, not so much. They don’t see everyday women wearing them. Boutiques are typically able to be a little more risk taking and fashion forward. Where as a big corporation like Nordstrom would have to tighten the reigns a little more. The thing about Rachel Zoe is that in her mind the everyday woman wears a sequin, floor length gown to the grocery store. Her style walks a fine line of being really intimidating yet accessible all in the same loop. Which is why she has such a hard time deciding on whether or not she should listen to her gut, or take the advice of the all knowing buyers. She obviously knows fashion and she’s sure of her collection, but is the world ready for every piece right now? She says she should maybe wait a season or two to present the public with every piece. In other words, wait until these trends are available to everyone because she’s ahead of them.

On top of all this insanity, Rachel was also asked to style the band Karmin in
A music video for Coach brand. Watching her place fur hats on Amy and Nick reminded me of the good ol’ days. Back when she would style A-list celebrities in her tiny work space while Brad and Taylor chased each other around, fighting for her attention like bratty children. It’s funny how much can change in 4 short years. Rachel started her career as a music video stylist, so this is definitely not her first rodeo. The video turns out great, and Karmin get along with Rachel just fine. So much that they put on an impromptu performance for her. It’s not everyday you think you’ll hear Rachel Zoe’s name in a rap song, and I can’t say I mind it. It will be exciting to see how Rachel’s salon turns out. I’m also interested in seeing how Skyler manages in pulling down that clothing rack.

The Rachel Zoe Project airs Wednesdays at 9 on Bravo.


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