Shows Getting The Axe For 2013


You know that feeling of scrolling through the guide on your TV and thinking, “That show is seriously still on?” That’s basically how I feel every time I see an advertisement for any scripted series on Lifetime (cough, cough The Client List). Or every once in awhile a quote from a TV show that you haven’t watched in 6 months pops into your head and you say to yourself, “Is that ever coming back on?” We’ve all experienced the gut wrenching pain of finding out that a show you’ve invested in is all of a sudden getting cut. In a sea of Real Housewives and Dance Moms, it’s difficult for a scripted series like 1600 Penn to stay afloat. Gulp down that glass of wine and get ready to brace yourself. These are the shows awaiting their turn in line at the guillotine for 2013.

  • Reality:

America’s Best Dance Crew – This show has shockingly been on for 7 seasons, can you believe that? Either way, Mario Lopez is a like little Mexican cockroach that can not be stopped.

 Dirty Jobs – After 10 years on air, The Discovery Channel has decided the give the show the axe.

Buckwild – We all know by now that Buckwild will not be returning to MTV due to the unexpected death of cast member Shain Gandee. 

American Guns – I had no idea this show existed, but apparently I’m alone in this because it’s had decent ratings. The Discovery Channel canceled the series due to the large number of shooting events happening in the news.

Jersey Shore – We’re all aware by now that the Jersey Shore’s most recent season would be it’s last. 

Ready For Love – You’ve probably heard by now that the Eva Longoria produced series was canceled after only 3 episodes and about 2 months of press. It’s unheard of for a show of it’s caliber to be offed so soon. 

American Chopper – This is not a first time cancellation for this series. It was famously canned once before and picked up a second time. 

What Not To Wear – Before there was Honey Boo Boo, there was Stacy and Clinton. After 10 years of the 360 degree mirror, TLC has decided to give the show the axe.

Mob Wives Chicago – The Bravo housewives formula of adding additional city spin-offs to successfully shows has never seemed to work for Vh1. The Chicago installation of the popular Mob Wives series was canceled after only 1 season.  

Bachelor Pad – After just 2 years, Bachelor Pad will not be receiving a rose from ABC. 

America’s Most Wanted – This show fills the category of both “that’s still on?” and “what ever happened to that show?” After 23 years the FOX network decided to pull the plug on the iconic television show due to a drop in ratings. 

  • Scripted

DexterShowtime has decided to make season 8 the last and final season of the hit drama.

90210 – Due to low ratings and horrible scripts, The CW has given the show the boot after 5 years on the network.

Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 – This show has struggled in ratings since it’s premiere 2 years ago. People seem to be more interested in the name than anything else. The show has been given its final eviction notice for 2013.

Breaking Bad – 2013 will be the last and final year for the hit AMC drama.

30 Rock – Tine Fey’s long running NBC comedy aired its final season this past October.

Whitney – Whitney Cummings has struggled to keep this show afloat since it’s premiere. NBC has finally decided it may be time to end it. 

Enlightened – Laura Dern’s Showtime dromedy has been cut due to low ratings. 

Private Practice – Kate Walsh announced that she would be leaving the show in 2012 and since then the ABC drama has failed in keeping a captive audience. 

The Office – Primetime television’s highest rated comedy is coming towards the end of its 9th and final season. 

Fringe – After 5 seasons die hard fans will have to say goodbye to the Fox drama. 

666 Park Avenue – Another example of an ABC show with a great concept getting axed due to poor writing and a slope in ratings.  

Ben and kate – Fox, a network that once led comedy in the 80’s, fails to keep up with the success of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Another one bites the dust. 

Secret Life Of The American Teenager – Though the show has proven itself in ratings, ABC Family decided to cut the show from it’s 2013 lineup.

Boss – There was controversy last year over Kelsey Grammer not being nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the Starz series. A few months later the network has decided to continue on without the hit drama.

The Big CShowtime tends to start a series off as a drama, then lead it in a more comedic direction. The Big C has sloped in ratings due to these changes, and will soon be airing its 4th and final season. 

Animal Practice – After only 1 season, NBC has decided to part ways with this comedy. 

1600 Penn – This NBC comedy didn’t pick up the audience the network was sure it would, and was unfortunately given the axe after only 1 season. 

Guys With Kids – The Jimmy Fallon produced sitcom was given the axe after only 1 season due to poor ratings (and a laugh track). 

  • Talk Shows

Anderson Live – The silver fox’s CBS daytime talk show has been giving the cut by the network, but will continue to air through summer of 2013. 

Kathy- Kathy Griffin’s late night Bravo talk show has been canceled after only 2 season. Rumors are swirling that Kathy and Anderson are actually working on a project together, but has yet to be confirmed.  

The Ricki Lake Show  – After an unsuccessful return to daytime TV, Ricki’s syndicated program will not be returning for 2013. 

Attack Of The Show – The G4 network has done a clean sweep of it’s programming, and its setting out to appeal to a different audience. As a result this show will not be returning after 8 years. 







Joy Behar Replacements on The View

We all know by now that Joy Behar will soon be replaced on ABC’s morning show, The View come August. Joy has been a staple voice of the round table over the past 16 years, and serves as the outspoken democrat who gives us comedic relief when the debates get too heated. The internet is abuzz as to who will replace Joy once she gives her last, “So what, who cares??”  shirt tug.

My favorites in the running so far:

ImageAli Wentworth–  Ali Wentworth is a comedian/actress, famous for her roles in Jerry Maguire and Office Space. She is also known for being married to George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning America, and being a friend and frequent guest of Oprah’s. Being a comedian gives her an edge, and a feeling of familiarity. also, being married to a hard-hitting news anchor on the same network surly doesn’t hurt her chances.


Brooke Shields– Famous for her role as Susan on the iconic television program Suddenly Susan, and those infamous Jordache commercials as a teen, Brooke Shields is a household name. She has co-hosted on The View numerous times, and proven that she just may be the opinionated woman who Bill Getty and Barbara Walters are looking for.

ImageMario Cantone– Most of the world was shocked by the news of a man filling being tossed around as co-host of The View, seeing as how it’s a show that relates to women’s issues. Mario would be the first man to have his face painted on The View’s yearly coffee mug in it’s 16 year history. Mario has filled in on the show almost as much as the current co-hosts themselves, so the viewer knows what to expect. He’s also known for being loud (very loud), gay, and a main character on the show Sex and The City. His presence would draw in an entirely new crowd to the show.

ImageKathy Griffin– Kathy holds the title as my favorite in the running, and least likely to be chosen. Kathy Griffin is famous for co-starring with Brooke Shields on the show Suddenly Susan. Known as the Joan RIvers of her time, Kathy is among the list of most successful comedians of all time. She has won numerous Emmy’s for her stand up specials and long  running show “My Life On The D-List” on Bravo. She is also known for making fun of, and getting in public altercations with members of the panel. If Elisabeth Hasselback has anything to do with this, Kathy will not be stepping anywhere near that soundstage.

ImageKirstie Alley– Kirstie Alley joined the co-host chatter after talk show host Wendy Williams threw her in the mix. Kirstie would be absolutely perfect for the show for a number of different reasons. She’s extremely opinionated, and not afraid to speak her mind (check out her twitter). She’s extremely relatable to the demographic that watches the show, which is middle-aged women. She has publicly struggled with weight, and seems to finally have gotten on track. She’s also an iconic film and television star. Kirstie has hosted the view numerous times, and had a big presence on The Oprah Show as well.


also in the running: Gloria Estefan, Rachel Compos-Duffy, and Jenny McCarthy.