Big Brother 15 Cast Introduction.

Aaryn GriesToken Southern Bell


Aaryn is the typical Big Brother “southern bell” type who you could classify as a model, but only if you used air quotes. She’s a 22 year old student born and raised in Texas, and claims to be excited to eat slop because she’ll “get in shape”. I could definitely see this girl using the showmance route to get to the end.

Amanda Zuckerman: Token Power Bitch


Amanda is a 28 year old Real Estate agent from Long Island, currently living in Boynton Beach, Florida. She’s extremely confident, and seems like someone who would have no problem manipulating people into getting what she wants. She also hates floaters, which proves that she will give her all in competitions. I gave her the “power bitch” token merely because she seems like someone who would corner you in a bathroom with a cigarette.

Andy Herren: Token Gay


Andy is a 29 year old stand up comic/ speech therapist from Houston, Texas. He’s a ginger, so right off the bat he’s got that going for him. He also seems to be very intelligent, and has plans to play a more strategic game than a physical one. I could see him being very entertaining on the show, and especially on the live feeds.

Candice Stewart: Token Pageant Princess/ Cheerleader 


Within 2 minutes of Candice’s cast interview she goes right into her accomplishments as Miss Louisiana. I have a feeling Danielle Murphree will be calling in to vote for this girl during America’s choice week. She’s a 29 year old speech therapist who currently lives in Houston, Texas. She plans on using the game twist to her advantage (without even knowing what it is). It’ll be interesting to see how far she gets with that strategy.

David Girton: Token Surfer Bro


I think Disney-Pixar had David Girton in mind when they decided to give a voice to the Ken Doll in Toy Story 3. He sounds like he’s doing a constant impression of Keanu Reeves circa  1989 in “Reality Bites”. He also compares himself to Jesse from Full House, you know, because his hair is his “thing” too. He’s a 25 year old lifeguard from California, and already has plans to hook up in the house. I have a feeling CBS cast him with that exact thought in mind.

Elissa Slater: Token Semi-Twist


Elissa is the sister of Big Brother alum and winner, Rachel Reilly. She is a 27 year old yoga instructor and nutritionist living in North Carolina. She plans on not telling the cast about being related to Rachel, which means she’s learned nothing from Hillbilly Wily last year. She seems just as hungry to win the game as her sister, and has the same disdain for floaters as Rachel famously announced.

Gina Marie Zimmerman: Token Staten Island Girl


Not only is Gina from Staten Island and obsessed with her Italian heritage, but she’s also a pageant coordinator. She combines two of Big Brother’s most prized stereotypes. She’s 32 years old and describes herself as a person who will “lay low” and “see how everyone works”. In other words she plans on floating to the end.

Helen Kim: Token Intelligent Asian


Helen is a 37 year old political consultant and mom of 3 who currently resides in Chicago. Right off the bat she comes off as intelligent and likable, two things that will only help in her game play. She has also suffered and conquered a number of serious health issues, which means a weeks of slop won’t throw her off her game like some of the other houseguests. She plans on using her political background to sway votes in the house.

Howard Overby: Token Black guy


As you would expect, the only black guy in the house is a “man of god” from Mississippi. He’s a 29 year old youth counselor who plans on playing a “moral game” (whatever that means). He wants to be the first person to play Big Brother without lying or cheating…good luck with that. I do believe that he will go far in physical challenges. He seems to be in great shape, and has his heart set on being the first HOH.

Jeremy McGuire: Token Guys Guy


Jeremy is a 25 year old “hard working man” who lives and works on a boat. He is a Big Brother newbie who has never seen an episode of the show (that always helps). He describes himself as “a person who always worked when he was old enough”. Not a whole lot to this guy besides the amount of gel in his hair.

Jessie Kowalski: Token 20 Something


Jessie is 25 years old, unemployed and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is a Big Brother super fan who hopes to use the money to start her career. I tend to gravitate towards the houseguests who consider themselves super fans. It’s always good to know a little about the show you’re going to be on for 4 months. Jessie is extremely likable and has no problem manipulating her fellow players to get what she wants. I could also see her getting involved in some sort of showmance just to get ahead.

Judd Daughtery: Token Southern Guy


Judd is a 26 year old property appraiser from Etowah, Tennessee. He plans on using his southern charm to get ahead in the house. He claims to struggle with how manipulative he should be in the house because he considered himself a “good christian”. Good thing he has Howard to help him through it. he plans on using the skills he’s learned in customer service to help him win the game. If that’s all it takes, then sign me up.

Kaitlin BarnabyToken Innocent Girl


Kaitlin is a 23 year old bartender currently living in Minnesota. She was raised a devout catholic, and describes herself as sheltered. She has also not seen many episodes of the show, so she is going into the season blindly. Unless she can find herself a Jeff Schroeder I don’t see her going very far.

Nick Uhas: Token Douche 


Nick is a 28 year old in-line skater (yes you read that correctly) currently living in New York City. He has so many jobs that the only way you could sum them up would be to call him and entrepreneur. He’s extremely cocky and has no problem talking about himself and all his accomplishments. He spends most of the time in his casting video explaining what it means to be a professional in-line skater but I had to pause it and move on…I’m only human.

Spencer ClawsonToken Red Neck 


Spencer is a 31 year old construction worker from Conway, Arkansas. He describes himself as a person who has the “gift of gab” which basically means he’ll talk to the cameras when he’s alone for hours. He also has a giant red beard that he grew out specifically to fit into his roll has hillbilly on the show. Enough said.

McCrae OlsonToken Stoner 


McCrae is a 23 year old pizza delivery driver from Zimmerman, Minnesota. He could easily be compared to Ian of last season, but with more adequate social skills. He’s extremely outgoing and also considers himself to be a super-fan of the show. I could see McCrae going far in the game based solely on the fact that he’s so likable.



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Shows Getting The Axe For 2013


You know that feeling of scrolling through the guide on your TV and thinking, “That show is seriously still on?” That’s basically how I feel every time I see an advertisement for any scripted series on Lifetime (cough, cough The Client List). Or every once in awhile a quote from a TV show that you haven’t watched in 6 months pops into your head and you say to yourself, “Is that ever coming back on?” We’ve all experienced the gut wrenching pain of finding out that a show you’ve invested in is all of a sudden getting cut. In a sea of Real Housewives and Dance Moms, it’s difficult for a scripted series like 1600 Penn to stay afloat. Gulp down that glass of wine and get ready to brace yourself. These are the shows awaiting their turn in line at the guillotine for 2013.

  • Reality:

America’s Best Dance Crew – This show has shockingly been on for 7 seasons, can you believe that? Either way, Mario Lopez is a like little Mexican cockroach that can not be stopped.

 Dirty Jobs – After 10 years on air, The Discovery Channel has decided the give the show the axe.

Buckwild – We all know by now that Buckwild will not be returning to MTV due to the unexpected death of cast member Shain Gandee. 

American Guns – I had no idea this show existed, but apparently I’m alone in this because it’s had decent ratings. The Discovery Channel canceled the series due to the large number of shooting events happening in the news.

Jersey Shore – We’re all aware by now that the Jersey Shore’s most recent season would be it’s last. 

Ready For Love – You’ve probably heard by now that the Eva Longoria produced series was canceled after only 3 episodes and about 2 months of press. It’s unheard of for a show of it’s caliber to be offed so soon. 

American Chopper – This is not a first time cancellation for this series. It was famously canned once before and picked up a second time. 

What Not To Wear – Before there was Honey Boo Boo, there was Stacy and Clinton. After 10 years of the 360 degree mirror, TLC has decided to give the show the axe.

Mob Wives Chicago – The Bravo housewives formula of adding additional city spin-offs to successfully shows has never seemed to work for Vh1. The Chicago installation of the popular Mob Wives series was canceled after only 1 season.  

Bachelor Pad – After just 2 years, Bachelor Pad will not be receiving a rose from ABC. 

America’s Most Wanted – This show fills the category of both “that’s still on?” and “what ever happened to that show?” After 23 years the FOX network decided to pull the plug on the iconic television show due to a drop in ratings. 

  • Scripted

DexterShowtime has decided to make season 8 the last and final season of the hit drama.

90210 – Due to low ratings and horrible scripts, The CW has given the show the boot after 5 years on the network.

Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 – This show has struggled in ratings since it’s premiere 2 years ago. People seem to be more interested in the name than anything else. The show has been given its final eviction notice for 2013.

Breaking Bad – 2013 will be the last and final year for the hit AMC drama.

30 Rock – Tine Fey’s long running NBC comedy aired its final season this past October.

Whitney – Whitney Cummings has struggled to keep this show afloat since it’s premiere. NBC has finally decided it may be time to end it. 

Enlightened – Laura Dern’s Showtime dromedy has been cut due to low ratings. 

Private Practice – Kate Walsh announced that she would be leaving the show in 2012 and since then the ABC drama has failed in keeping a captive audience. 

The Office – Primetime television’s highest rated comedy is coming towards the end of its 9th and final season. 

Fringe – After 5 seasons die hard fans will have to say goodbye to the Fox drama. 

666 Park Avenue – Another example of an ABC show with a great concept getting axed due to poor writing and a slope in ratings.  

Ben and kate – Fox, a network that once led comedy in the 80’s, fails to keep up with the success of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Another one bites the dust. 

Secret Life Of The American Teenager – Though the show has proven itself in ratings, ABC Family decided to cut the show from it’s 2013 lineup.

Boss – There was controversy last year over Kelsey Grammer not being nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the Starz series. A few months later the network has decided to continue on without the hit drama.

The Big CShowtime tends to start a series off as a drama, then lead it in a more comedic direction. The Big C has sloped in ratings due to these changes, and will soon be airing its 4th and final season. 

Animal Practice – After only 1 season, NBC has decided to part ways with this comedy. 

1600 Penn – This NBC comedy didn’t pick up the audience the network was sure it would, and was unfortunately given the axe after only 1 season. 

Guys With Kids – The Jimmy Fallon produced sitcom was given the axe after only 1 season due to poor ratings (and a laugh track). 

  • Talk Shows

Anderson Live – The silver fox’s CBS daytime talk show has been giving the cut by the network, but will continue to air through summer of 2013. 

Kathy- Kathy Griffin’s late night Bravo talk show has been canceled after only 2 season. Rumors are swirling that Kathy and Anderson are actually working on a project together, but has yet to be confirmed.  

The Ricki Lake Show  – After an unsuccessful return to daytime TV, Ricki’s syndicated program will not be returning for 2013. 

Attack Of The Show – The G4 network has done a clean sweep of it’s programming, and its setting out to appeal to a different audience. As a result this show will not be returning after 8 years. 






The Rachel Zoe Project: Episode 2


Episode 2 begins with Rachel and Roger looking over the reviews for Rachel’s show during NY fashion week. The critics seemed to love her designs, and actually understood her inspiration. Life and Style called the line a “flawless combination of Birkin androgynous cool” which is exactly what she was going for. As always, Rodger’s brain leads him straight to the practicality of it all. His immediate response was how much they would make in sales. Roger and Rachel are such a right brain, left brain pairing that they come together in perfect harmony, especially when it comes to business.

After reading the reviews Rachel meets with a room full of buyers from Nordstrom to talk about options for their store. They responded positively as well, calling it “very Rachel”. She drops in on the meeting, gives her two cents and leaves early. Her fear being that her presence would sway the buyers in a direction different than if she weren’t there.

Next we find that Rachel has decided to spread her wings even further than just the fashion industry. She and Roger are planning on opening a high end salon in LA called Dreamdry. At this point the salon is nothing more than a few white walls and a couple of tipped over paint cans. their business partner, Robin, is responsible for keeping an eye on the development of the structure. In typical Roger fashion, he nails her about the time and how much it’s costing them. Roger sort of serves as Rachel’s muscle. She brings him places and he swings his bat at anyone who would dare take advantage of her.

Rachel can officially be classified as a CEO at this point in her career. She now has 32 employees, a 15,000 square foot office space, 5 divisions and a partridge in a pear tree. She is taking on corporate America, one Chanel ankle boot step at a time. She gives a whole new meaning to the term “working woman”. Her office serves as a creative, yet stressful home away from home for her family. Skyler even calls her assistants his “aunties”. Rachel Zoe Inc. is to Skyler as grandma’s house is to most children. There are no rules, infinite hiding places and lots of women waiting their turn to pinch his cheeks. Talk about the good life. He even seems to have picked out a particular style of clothing rack to try and tip over.

Rachel learns later in the episode that her assistants are having a hard time convincing buyers to get on board with the maxi length dresses in her line. The boutiques loves them but the big corporate brands, not so much. They don’t see everyday women wearing them. Boutiques are typically able to be a little more risk taking and fashion forward. Where as a big corporation like Nordstrom would have to tighten the reigns a little more. The thing about Rachel Zoe is that in her mind the everyday woman wears a sequin, floor length gown to the grocery store. Her style walks a fine line of being really intimidating yet accessible all in the same loop. Which is why she has such a hard time deciding on whether or not she should listen to her gut, or take the advice of the all knowing buyers. She obviously knows fashion and she’s sure of her collection, but is the world ready for every piece right now? She says she should maybe wait a season or two to present the public with every piece. In other words, wait until these trends are available to everyone because she’s ahead of them.

On top of all this insanity, Rachel was also asked to style the band Karmin in
A music video for Coach brand. Watching her place fur hats on Amy and Nick reminded me of the good ol’ days. Back when she would style A-list celebrities in her tiny work space while Brad and Taylor chased each other around, fighting for her attention like bratty children. It’s funny how much can change in 4 short years. Rachel started her career as a music video stylist, so this is definitely not her first rodeo. The video turns out great, and Karmin get along with Rachel just fine. So much that they put on an impromptu performance for her. It’s not everyday you think you’ll hear Rachel Zoe’s name in a rap song, and I can’t say I mind it. It will be exciting to see how Rachel’s salon turns out. I’m also interested in seeing how Skyler manages in pulling down that clothing rack.

The Rachel Zoe Project airs Wednesdays at 9 on Bravo.

It’s A Brad Brad World: Episode 2

ImageRight off the bat, we learn that Brad’s world is becoming more and more packed with A-list responsibility. In addition to his handful of sought after clients, he’s added yet another beautiful woman to his contact list. 

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova asked Brad for his styling expertise for a Diesel event she was being photographed at. Petra is basically every mans dream, gay and straight. She’s tall, blonde, beautiful, has amazing taste and a huge personality. As expected, she immediately hit it off with Brad. Within seconds he had already picked up on Petra’s style, which is what makes him a great stylist. After all, he did learn from the best. They settled on wax finished denim, a vintage tee and a Members Only style jacket. She went from a floor length, peach princess gown to a head to toe menswear look. That’s pretty much Petra in a nutshell.

Petra enjoyed Brad so much that she immediately asked him to style her again days later, this time for an Elton John charity event. He put her in a black, form fitting Alaia gown. Am I the only child of the 90’s who immediately thinks of Clueless when I hear this designers name? It’s safe to say that Petra wont be seeing any other stylists anytime soon. She even mentions wanting to bring hims around with her everyday. I could think of worst things to do.

In between having an awesome boyfriend and styling supermodels, things occasionally get serious in Brad’s life. He had to scold one of his employees for sleeping through his alarm and leaving a client waiting without any clothes. Talk about dropping the ball. This was all to reminiscent of his life in 2009, except he was typically the one in the hot seat.

I have a feeling Brad’s client list will continue to grow and grow as the season progresses.

It’s a Brad Brad World airs Wednesdays at 10 on Bravo.

It’s a Brad Brad World Ep: 1

Brad Goreski’s Brad Brad world is a much different place than it was last season. Brad has gone from Rachel Zoe’s BFF/assistant to Rachel’s number one enemy in the fashion world. He started off by styling celebrities out of a cardboard box in his garage to a spacious office in the city with a rolodex featuring Demi Moore’s contact information. And all this while wearing studded Christian Louboutin sneakers and a bow tie.

Brad Goreski possesses a sort of “he’s just like us” quality that makes you want to see him succeed not matter what he does. He’s come a long way in the short time we’ve known him. He went from shy Canadian boy who would turn red around celebrities, to friend and stylist of Christina Ricci and Jessica Alba almost overnight. It seems like just yesterday Brad was crying on Rachel’s shoulder every 15 minutes over minuscule things like the steamer not getting hot enough. He is now a celebrity in his own right and runs a successfully business doing what he loves. The crying hasen’t changed much, Brad does love a good sob here and there. But wouldn’t you if Rashida Jones had your number in her cellphone?

Things are still as we’d like them to be with Brad and his long time boyfriend Gary Janetti. Gary has surprisingly become just as desired by fans as Brad, and in some cases even more. The show wouldn’t be half of what it is without his witty little quips and overly analytical attitude. An entire episode focused on Gary choosing which hors d’oeuvres to serve at a dinner party seems boring in theory, but with this couple it’s anything but that. If you don’t follow Gary on twitter, do yourself a favor. It’s everything you see on the show but without the bleeps in place of his constant profanity.

We learn that Brad has been offered the opportunity to style Kate Spade’s entire 2013 New York presentation, with every detail being left up to him. From the cuff of the pants down to the tint and shade of the fingernail polish, Brad is in charge. His transition from token gay assistant to bonafide celebrity stylist almost appeared to happen seamlessly. It’s only been a few years since Brad became a household name, but his look has become extremely recognizable and synonymous with his personality. You know exactly what your getting when you ask Brad Goreski to style you. Mixed prints and bold pops of color. And if your a guy, you better like bow ties.

Brad was also asked to style Minka Kelly for the Monique Lhuillier show. The endearing thing about Brad is that no matter how famous he becomes, he’ll always be the guy that will run in the drugstore to get you shoe pads when your Louboutins don’t fit. Right off the bat his clients want to be his friend and associate.
With his growing contact list and extensive wardrobe, Brad is slowly but surly becoming one of the most sought after stylists and friends in the business. His world seems to have never looked better.

It’s a Brad Brad World airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

The Rachel Zoe Project Ep: 1


Wednesday night is officially shutting it down because Rachel Zoe has returned to Bravo and it is absolutely ba-na-nas. That was the best Rachel impression I’ve ever done, you’re welcome.

Rachel is wearing a whole new skin this season, and she wears it as well as she does a Chanel tweed. She’s sporting  multiple hats, and seems surprisingly comfortable while doing it. No longer is she just one of the most recognizable stylists in the world. She’s now a designer and mother as well.

In this episode we get a behind the scenes look at what went into styling Rachel’s first runway show, and the extreme amount of pressure she was under to deliver. Rachel describes her line as “tomboy cool, effortless, and not girly”. She was heavily inspired by Jane Birkin and wanted to design something wearable for real women.
It was only a matter of time before Rachel would design her own clothing line, it makes prefect sense. Girls have been dressing like Rachel Zoe for the past few years without even realizing it. The great thing about Rachel’s line is that she designs for herself. Every look from her collection reminds you of no other person in the world. You can tell that it’s truly something she believes in, and has worked extremely hard on. I could just hear the little Rachel drone models marching out and repeating “I…die…I…die…I…die”.

Rachel is constantly switching between anxiety riddled, first time designer and world rachrenowned stylist. The pressure for her to do well is a little more prominent that it would be for just any first timer. Rachel already plays such a huge roll in the fashion world. It’s expected from everyone who knows her that her line would roll out smoothly. In the middle of setting up her own show she must leave to attend Marchesa because she’s still responsible for choosing at least 5 different Oscar gowns for clients. And did I mention she has a baby?

Even more exciting than getting to see Rachel’s line is the introduction of baby Skyler. Rachel couldn’t have said it better when she stated that being a mother makes her a better person. Everything she does seems more carefree and “go with the flow”. She even gave herself bangs 15 minutes before the Oscar De La Renta show. Anyone who watches The Rachel Zoe Project knows that her hair is her security blanket. The fact that she let her employee cut it with fabric scissors minutes before she gets her picture taken says a lot about where she is in her life. Rachel has never looked better or seemed happier

Who will be the next…great host of a reality competition show?

We, as Americans, have a big decision to make in the next few days. It’s a decade long question that we have been asking ourselves for so long that it almost seems natural to wonder. Some of us have known the answer for years. Some of us have drifted back and forth over time. Some have not been forced to care until now, and I feel sorry for those lost souls. Come September 12th we’ll all be asking ourselves the same exact question…Britney or Christina? I look back at the late 90’s and pity myself, and anyone else under the age of 17. The Britney VS. Christina era was a tough one to live through. I made the decision at a young age to run with Britney, and I haven’t stopped to take a breath since then. Through thick and thin, from 1998 to 2012, I’ve teetered on obsessive compulsive. Let’s just say that the most time we’ll ever spend together will be in court for my future restraining order. I’m one of those “I want to know what your hair smells like” fans. It’s needless to say that my decision has been made for months (technically years). It will, however, be interesting to see how the rest of the country weighs in.


The Voice:


A solid contender, with a devoted fan-base. The great thing about the voice is that it’s already proven itself to be a concept that works. The judges get along, and bicker just enough to make them feel like a pseudo family. And if that isn’t enough, Cee Lo brings his cat to judging with him. The only problem is that The Voice is the only talent competition show not shaking up their concept this season. It’s what we’ve seen a million times from them, so the incentive to watch isn’t as strong. Also, Christina is usually judged negatively for her presence on The Voice. Whether it’s her not so flattering appearance, rumors of her not getting along with the judges, or treating contestants poorly. Her career also seems to be at a sort of stand still. Her last studio album “Bionic” was received poorly, not only in the U.S., but in the U.K. as well. We only got to hear two singles from the album. The second was so unsuccessful that a third was scrapped and plans for a tour were shelved. A rumored upcoming demo was leaked a few weeks ago, and the song was actually pretty great. Christina was also photographed filming the music video for the upcoming single. Maybe this season will help turn xtina’s career in a more positive direction.

The X Factor


Where do I even begin? The X Factor didn’t get off to as hot of a start as Simon Cowell thought it would. He was quoted last year saying that the show would be the highest rated of the season. The first U.S. season did extremely well, but not by the ridiculously high set standards of Mr. Cowell. They decided to shake up the judging panel a bit, and by a bit I mean a whole lot. Paula Abdul got the boot and Nicole Scherzinger was sent overseas to judge the U.K. version of the show. Demi Lovato and Britney Spears were added to the judging panel with the intention that Simon would achieve what he initially wanted last year. The ratings for the upcoming season premiere are going to be absolutely mind-boggling. The big, bright, glittery, pink elephant in the room is going to be Britney’s presence on the show. This is the most exposed Britney will be to the public since her “recovery” in 2009. She’s been on an extremely short leash since her father took control as her sol conservator. Generally, people seem to root for Britney no matter what she does. We’re all hoping to see a glimpse of her former bubbly, full of life self. My personal theory is that the drug cocktail used to keep Britney “in order” seems to sedate her a bit. I also think nerves and anxiety play a big role. I’ve given it to god, and all I can do is pray that she’ll do okay. I’ll also be waiting in her bathroom shower to congratulate her, no matter how well she does.

The one thing I do know for sure is that I’ll have to read about what happened on The Voice the following day, because I wont be watching.